What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is the primary land use document that is designed to guide long-range growth and development over the next 15-20 years. It centers on Sauk Village’s vision for the future and includes goals and policies that can be implemented through the village’s Zoning Ordinance and other associated land use documents.

The Comprehensive Plan will address topics such as:

  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Stormwater, Open Space and Natural Resources
  • Community Facilities
  • Community Engagement
  • Implementation

Why are we doing a Comprehensive Plan?

Updates are necessary to reflect the changing needs and desires of a community; Sauk Village has undergone considerable change and expansion since its last comprehensive plan (insert date). Updating the plan allows communities to reassess their values and reflect on how the community can work towards developing policies and practices that better reflect those values in future land use decisions.

How does a Comprehensive Plan impact me?

If something happens within your community, it usually has an impact on you. Whether it is where you get your groceries, where you take your children to school, where you shop or work, which park you go to or what you do on the weekend. Most of these destinations and facilities did not come to be by chance, but are likely rooted in some form of a vision or plan. To create a vibrant community, you must begin with a plan.

How long will the Comprehensive Plan Update take?

We anticipate that the Comprehensive Plan update process will run through March 2019.

Who can participate in the process?

Everyone! We invite any community member or interested party to participate in the future growth of Sauk Village. Community participation is critical to development of this plan as it will directly reflect the opinions and values of those who participate.